MS Top Student

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Hager Yasser Omar ( The second of 2013)                              


Passion will follow you as long as you put in the hard Work and dedication into what you learn .Nourish the curiosity inside of you and you will fall in love with the beauty of science.


Ayman Sakr ( The second of 2011)


– Bachelor of science (B.Sc.) Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

– Master of Science student at Stuttgart University.

– “Believe in what you are doing.”  


Sara Medhat  ( The second of 2012)


Work hard and Allah will reward you with your dearest wishes just have Faith in Allah


Moataz Raafat ( The Fifth of 2011)


It is never bout environment , facilities or people surrounding you , it is all about yourself , your skills , and determination that can put dreams and goals into reality


Hussein Fadl (The first of 2012)


I always believed that that success comes from experience and experiences comes from mistakes, so I was never afraid of Mistakes and challenges. Even through hard times you mustn`t lost faith of yourself and kept your dreams high.It’s the difficulties and obstacles we overcome that give success it is flavor .Fight your battle and believe in yourself .


Abd Rahman Alaa ( The third of 2015)


Faith dedication and some organization Would help you attain your goals . But not finding some spare time to chill out Would definitely have adverse effects . So Have fun , enjoy the journey and good luck to all .